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Cardboard Packaging – Industry that Involves Lot Many Things

When I say packaging, probably the first thing that would come to your mind would be packing for holidays, never you would think of cardboard boxes suppliers. Packaging by itself is a huge industry, whatever you buy today comes packed in some kind of material, without appropriate packaging we would have never been able to receive the things we use today in their original shape and size as they would easily damage during transport.

Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Packaging can be of different types, however it can be largely bifurcated into wholesale packaging and retail packaging. While in wholesale packaging similar things are packed together in a single box or container, in retail packaging each product is packed individually and then packed together using wholesale packaging techniques. Example of retail packaging is a box of wine glasses.

The industry is so big that many companies make business only out of it, either by selling packing supplies boxes or packaging tapes or by simply providing related services. Companies contract them for their packaging needs so that they can divert their efforts into their core business activities. Many companies even include transportation in their service offering, this further facilitates their business.

Out of all the different things used for packaging, cardboard boxes packaging is the most commonly used packaging option. Cardboard boxes packaging bring along lot of benefits, they are cost effective, versatile and can be customized to meet customer requirements. Here again there are many companies which are in the business of providing companies with different types of cardboard packaging boxes.

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4 Benefits of Using Cardboard Storage Boxes to Shift Your Home

Shifting your home is nothing less than a war. There are things strewn all over the place that have to be organized and packed into boxes and properly labeled. This causes a lot of stress to those who have to move their homes on a regular basis. Although shifting bigger household items are easy, it is the endless small items that need their attention. This is where cardboard storage boxes come to the picture. Here are some of the advantages that make them favorites while shifting. Let’s take a look at them to know more:

They are cheap: You can buy cardboard boxes for packaging in bulk and yet, it won’t cost you a fortune. This is why you can buy as many boxes as you like and literally pack your entire home in these boxes and shift from one place to another.

They are everywhere: Sometimes, you need not even buy too many cardboard boxes. This is because you will already have a number of boxes lying about in your home that came free with different electronic goods, books and stationery or grocery. So, all you need to do is to use recycled boxes to pack your belongings while shifting and save those bucks.

Pack all type of items: Cardboard storage boxes are great for packing almost all type of items. For example, you can put some foam fillers and padding or bubble-wraps and pack electronic goods, lightings, crockery, glassware, vases, picture frames or even the goldfish bowl!

Convenient to use: Cardboard boxes bought from a wholesale packaging supplies store are easy to use. You can even train your young kid to open, store items in it and seal it with a duct tape. They come in all shapes and sizes and hence, are easy to handle.

To Conclude

These are some of the advantages of using cardboard storage boxes for packing your belongings while shifting homes. I hope that you will buy these eco-friendly boxes from wholesale packaging supplies store the next time you shift home and avail all these advantages. Good luck!

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7 Ways To Use Cardboard Packaging Box In Your Home

Cardboard packaging box, stock boxes or storage boxes in Melbourne – they are everywhere. You don’t have to be amongst cardboard boxes suppliers or cardboard box manufacturers to have numerous such cardboard boxes in Melbourne as they lie around in your garage or in your attic unattended. However, you can put these boxes to good use in more ways than one. Let us take a look at some of things you can do with those boxes lying idle around your household:

storage boxes melbourne

Use as temporary storage units: You can use cardboard removal boxes in Melbourne as temporary storage units. For instance, you can place them in your kids room to store their favorite toys

Store unwashed laundry: You can use large sized stock boxes in the laundry area to store unwashed laundry. In fact, you can place more than one such box and label them with the names of the members in your family so that each of them put their laundry in a specific box.

Recycle them to courier or for shipping: You can save many bucks by saving old storage boxes in Melbourne and use them to pack stuff for courier. Alternatively, you can use these boxes to ship something or the other outside your locality.

Store art/craft materials: This is another way to use cardboard boxes in Melbourne or anywhere else for that matter. More often than not, art and craft supplies get misplaced due to lack of storage options. But with these boxes, you can store and organize your art and craft materials neatly. For instance, you can keep scraps of fabric in one and put rolls of ribbons in another.

Organize your tools: Cardboard stock boxes are handy when it comes to storing tools. For instance, you can store gardening tools, tools for car repairs, kitchen tools and other such knick knacks. However, don’t forget to label the boxes lest you forget which tool is in which box!

Resell them: Many cardboard box suppliers will gladly buy back the cardboard boxes. This way, you can earn something out of them and at the same time de-clutter your home.

Make doll house: This is by far the best use of unused cardboard boxes. All you need to do is get some paint, some embellishments, some craft paper, glue, scissors and other such supplies and create a huge doll house for your kid.

To sum it up

So, these are seven top ways to reuse cardboard packing box that are lying idle all around your homes. I hope that you find them useful. Also, if you come up with some more ideas, don’t hesitate to share them.

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4 Eco-Friendly Reasons That Will Encourage You To Use Cardboard

Cardboard boxes are practically everywhere. Although cardboard storage boxes or corrugated boxes find use in various domains, they are most popular when it comes to packing and moving a house. Apart from being immensely useful, cardboard boxes packaging are also an eco-friendly option. Here are some of the eco-friendly benefits that will inspire you to buy cardboard boxes:
Cardboard Box Supplier

They are recyclable: This is the most obvious benefit of buying boxes from cardboard suppliers. When you are done moving to a new place, you can recycle ad reuse these boxes to store various items at your home. This in turn helps you reduce you your Carbon footprint.

Create eco-friendly projects: You can buy storage boxes in Melbourne not only for wholesale packaging, but also for creating wonderful DIY projects for your children. For instance, you can cut shapes and paint them to create Halloween costumes, create lemonade stalls, build doll houses and much more. Even your kid can create projects on his or her own using these lightweight boxes.

They are resalable: Instead of disposing, you can sell damaged boxes to your local cardboard suppliers, who sell wholesale packaging supplies and earn some extra bucks.

You can buy them in bulk: You can buy as many cardboard boxes as you want for wholesale packaging or for any other purposes. Since they are inexpensive to manufacture, they are sold at cheap rates and won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you buy them in bulk.

In Conclusion

So, these are some of the eco-friendly advantages provided by cardboard packaging boxes. You can buy these boxes in Melbourne from almost all stores or special stores that provide ma manufacturer of cardboard boxes.

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Different Types Of Wholesale Boxes Available And Buying the Rig

If you are looking forward to buy wholesale boxes, but are not sure which variety of them to choose for your business then you need to visit cardboard boxes suppliers, it would be your one stop shop where you can find all the different varieties of them and select the right one for your purpose. When you have products to ship to distant places, mailing boxes can be a good choice for you however when you have to pack something then die cut boxes can be your preferred choice.

Why the difference in preference you might ask. There is no doubt that wholesale boxes come in different varieties which ensure that you find one for your every need. When you are buying mailing boxes you need to thus remember that you are buying boxes especially designed for this purpose, and be assured that the product will reach the recipient safely. Similarly when you consider buying die cut boxes you can be sure that you will be able to buy them in the desired shape and size as required by your product.

Cardboard cartons in Melbourne, different types of cardboard boxes are included in this category and can be used for a variety of purposes, even a cigarette pack is a type of cardboard boxes found in Melbourne. Whichever type of cardboard boxes in Melbourne boxes you need, you can easily find them from a reputed box supplier. Besides the different types of wholesale boxes available remember to consider recycled boxes, you will not only find the boxes you need but will also help you keep the expenses low.

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